In remembrance of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.  On September 11, 2018, the Henry County Republican Party hosted a Patriot Day Dinner to honor and recognize all Emergency First Responders in Henry County.    Thank You!

One of the more unique challenges to our Department, are Boat and Marina Fires.  Boats are often difficult to reach and tend to burn quickly.

ISO Rating Improved May 1, 2017 !

Firefighters waiting to wash down the roadway at the scene of a vehicle rollover.  We work closely with all other Emergency Services Agencies to provide the best possible protection for our community.

Other Happenings around the Department

Lakewood School Water & Field Day was held May 9th, 2018.  The students participated in learning healthy activity habits.  As part of the fun, they got to be hosed down by our firefighters when they got hot.  According to their teachers that was the highlight of the day and we were happy to oblige!

It takes a Special Person to volunteer at 4 AM to help someone you don't know

Never leave any fire unattended. This could happen to you!

Recent Training

Fire Instructor Jamie Hinson and Fire Instructor John Roaten  teach the correct  and incorrrect ways of ventilating a 2 story home by using a scale model mock up.  Today's homes pose greater risks to home owners and firefighters due to larger amounts of synthetic materials and increased use of particle board type materials 

A Tobacco Barn Fire in a remote location.  Calloway County Fire Rescue provided additional water for us.  We all respond outside of our areas when needed to help each other out.  It's called Mutual Aid! 

Ever dropped or forgotten about a burning cigarette?  Here's what can happen!

Recent MVA with the driver trapped in the vehicle.  Driver extricated and flown from the scene by AirEvac Helicopter

We recently participated in the Junior Ranger Program at Paris Landing State Park.  The kids were able to learn about Fire Safety, Medical Skills and various other skills.  In the pictures Flight Paramedic Matthew McClure shows the kids a medical helicopter.  Firefighter Dennis Inman lets the kids sit behind the wheel of a fire truck, while Firefighter Rebecca Flood gives out Junior Firefighter stickers and talks to the kids about fire safety.

Recent Truck Fire

Fire Department News and Recent Incidents

Recent Calls

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Failed to make the curve, struck a tree and caught fire.  Luckily one of our Firefighters was nearby and was able to pull the driver away from the fire to safety.  Driver was flown to the hospital by Vanderbilt Lifeflight.  Good job guys! 

On May 1, 2017, Paris Landing Fire Department’s Insurance Services Organization Public Fire Protection old rating of 9/10 improved to our

New Rating of 7/10.

What does this  mean for you as a property owner? 
This means that any property located within 5 road miles of one of our 4 Stations will have the new insurance classification.  While properties located more than 5 miles from one of the Stations will remain unchanged.  If your property is within one of the 5 mile areas you could see a reduction in your insurance premiums. Documentation for your insurance company can be downloaded here:  

As much as 20% insurance premium reduction in many cases. 

ISO's Public Protection Classification Program (PPC) plays an important role in the underwriting process at insurance companies. In fact, most U.S. insurers - including the largest ones - use PPC information as part of their decision- making when deciding what business to write, coverage's  to offer or prices to charge for personal or commercial property insurance.

Each insurance company independently determines the premiums it charges its policyholders. The way an insurer uses ISO's information on public fire protection may depend on several things -the company's fire-loss experience, rate making  methodology, underwriting guidelines, and its marketing strategy. 

For  more information about your own insurance premiums, please contact your insurance company.  Please do not call the Fire Dept. We have no control over how the insurance companies establish their rates.  

We cover approximately 128 square miles of Northeast Henry County.  With only 34 fire hydrants in our entire area of coverage, it has been a tremendous challenge for our Department to locate and certify alternate water sources as well as prove our ability to shuttle adequate amounts of water.  Proper trucks and  equipment was also required as well as additional training and certification by our personnel.


A Special word of Thanks to Mr. Barry Wallace of the Northeast Henry County Utility District for his help in providing the information about our water system to ISO enabling our hydrants to be certified.  

Also a word of Thanks to Angie Case at our 911 Dispatch Center for her help in providing the information about our Dispatch and Communications system to ISO for certification as well. 

And last but certainly not least, a huge word of Thanks to all our Volunteers who spent countless hours of their own time and drove countless miles in their own personal vehicles researching and obtaining the seemingly endless amounts of information required to accomplish this for our community.  Remember they are all volunteers and do not receive any pay for what they do.  When you see them out in our Community, stop and shake their hand and tell them Thank You!

After approximately 3 years of preparation and planning, we are pleased and excited to announce our new rating!